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Jess Fleck

I agree. I feel that these diagrams, while at times can serve a purpose - currently just confuse me. The real problems of this world aren't going to be solved by squares and arrows.


I think it's an interesting mental exercise that helps broaden an understanding of a system, but that's about it. Developing these maps may help us personally better understand a system, but I'm pretty sure I would have been quickly booted out of meetings with my former employers if I suggested this as a regular practice. Realistically, we are going to have to observe systems continuously in our work, but will not have the time to stop and model these things out to the degree the authors of this book see as necessary. Glenn Page's approach is way more reasonable. Just because we're not mapping perspectives on a systems chart does not mean that we are ignoring them. However, obsessing over modeling them will not be reasonable for most of us professionally - particularly if we are working in a operation that requires agility and rapid decision making.

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