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Jennifer Shriver

Question: which systems do you need to understand (stand under) more deeply, in order to disrupt them?
Addictions? OK stopping before this gets...addictive.

Gabby Makatura

Wow, 1. I wish I went to a school that introduced me to these ideas that young, and 2. It is terrifying how quickly the power dynamic in the room changed. I think it is terrifying because children were easily able to identify what happens in society as a whole, even subliminally, and decide that was acceptable behavior.

Spinning off of the ideas here, I wonder which of the following would be more effective: teach children these topics young so that they have the tools in the future to change the system, or take these matters into our own hands and attempt to change the whole system. I also think that a combination of these two would be beneficial, but from this example we can see that a collective effort needs to happen soon.

Harsha Maragh

I really enjoyed reading this Jenn. The activity that your daughter participated in reminded me a little bit of the privilege walk that we did last semester as well as some other exercises I have done in the past.

Reading this made me think back to a conversation that I had with a friend recently about schools in inner cities. A lot of times these schools are in the situation similar to that of the last group of the role-play. The administrators of these schools have limited resources and are placed under all different kinds of stresses and restraints. This may lead to sub-par learning opportunities and growing frustrations as well as a hostility between public and private schools. But is it the fault of that school itself? Or is it the system at large (educational system) perpetuating this downfall because the lack of allocation of resources, educators and funds? I think about this topic frequently, because on one hand I had the privilege of attending private schools my whole life but on the other, I am still from the Bronx and have seen and worked in schools like this. We can only hope that some large-scale systematic changes will happen in the future to rectify some of these injustices.

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