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Cody Janousek

Resiliency is one of the most valid reasons for switching to more amounts of renewable energy on the grid. You mentioned a storm leaving a community vulnerable to not receiving their supplies and electricity is a commonly affected resource by storms and strong weather. If the supply of coal or natural gas is blocked from reaching a power plant it has few options for resiliency. Although renewable energy's fuel is wind and sunlight, which opponents point to as problems due to indeterminacy,this is a strength when it comes to resiliency.

Cody Janousek

I wish I could edit my post... I should have mentioned that some of those arguments are for distributed generation using renewable energy rather than the broad category of renewable energy.

Sam Krasnobrod

I completely agree with your premise that systems thinking is necessary way to look at not only large-scale issues such as climate change, but also community issues. In the qualitative methods class we discussed the 2013 floods, and how communities dealt with the aftermath. In one town, Lyons I believe, the flood knocked out the cities power. Within a few days the USFS responded with a quick solution, one not meant to serve as a long-term fix, but as something that could be put in place in one day. The reason for the rushed solution was not only in response to the lack of power, but also because the following day was the "government shutdown". The result was a power line draped directly on the canopy of pine and aspen trees. Is this a fire hazard? Good question, and it is hard to say. Regardless the line remains.

The approach the USFS took to provide power is understandable given the circumstance, however it is not a resilient option. The better (hindsight is 20/20 after all!) would have been for the town of Lyons to have a secondary power line from another city, or from another source to make sure that lights stay on even during a flood... wait, maybe that isn't a good idea?

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