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Jennifer Shriver

Interesting point that renewables add more flexibility and modularity in the power generation mix. I wonder if utility companies looked at that as a business opportunity, would they be better partners to support the growing renewable sector.

Speaking of fragility in our power grid, did you see the article about germany using former coal mines as battery storage, as a key piece of their big and growing renewable power system?

Harsha Maragh

I think you bring up an interesting point about our energy system. I didn’t think of our current fossil fuel energy system being rigid, while a system based on renewables would be more flexible—although that makes a lot of sense. I actually just wrote about the resilience of the renewable energy system over the weekend for my literature review in the capstone research design. I think that by having a renewable energy system that is based on locally sourced and generated power instead of reliance on foreign entities would allow us to be better prepared for power outages and sudden changes.
I honestly think that just by adding more renewables into our current energy mix will build resiliency overall. However, it is difficult to do so right away due to policies, investments and infrastructure that need to be in place first.

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