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Jennifer Shriver

This is a really interesting aspect of resilience, the human factor. I think people who have recovered or healed from trauma can be more resilient. However, recovering from trauma - flight or flight, or the more pernicious neuro-biological phenomena of freezing.

Unlocking frozen nuerological systems is a complex and challenging process of healing, one that many many people are going to need, as climate change leads to more suffering, dislocation, crisis, and trauma.

Cody Janousek

This makes me think of crocodiles. I remember watching Steve Irwin when I was young and he talked about how tough crocodiles are and would show some living completely normal lives without a limb or with terrible scars from fights. Probably somewhere else on animal planet, I remember seeing that sharks had a similar feature that they can recover from these tremendous traumas from fighting. I realize this isn't a psychological aspect of surviving from trauma, but just like those animals humans are capable of surviving devastating traumas and have a similar capacity for survival.

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