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Jennifer Shriver

And another question: How will songs like this:
inform and support a complex adaptive system that moves us towards
environmental sustainability over the long haul
prosperity that gives everyone enough

Gabby Makatura

Jenn your question immediately made me think of an article I read in my theories of mass media class, Aggressiveness in Advanced Industrial Societies by Herbert Marcuse. In this piece Marcuse argues that our producing and consuming habits are directly related to our military aggressiveness as a country. In order to comfort ourselves from the violent society we live in, we must produce and consume in an endless cycle. In regards to your question, I do not think that abolishing war will be the first step. The economy and capitalist system is positioned at the heart of everything, turning people into dollar signs: how much can they produce, how much can they consume? In order to allow for a change in the military-industrial complex we must first address the existing paradigms in the economy as a whole. I am a bit hesitant to say that I think it will take some catastrophic events to eventually reach the loving utopia you and Lovins have hinted at.

I am happy to send over the article if you would like to look it over.

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