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Andrew Cahill

Hey Harsha - I have had similar thoughts regarding the exploration of careers in disaster/emergency management, particularly after talking with Jess about her capstone project on resilience with the City of Boulder (and listening to Greg Guibert, the CRO of Boulder in one of my classes last week).
Anyway, as a fellow New Yorker, I am curious what you think of New York City's resiliency plan that was released in the wake of Sandy and perhaps how your experience during Sandy has influenced the area(s) in which think the city's systems should/could become more resilient. Maybe you could land a job in their Office of Recovery and Resiliency! (http://www.nyc.gov/html/planyc/html/resiliency/resiliency.shtml)

Don't fret, I didn't forget your question! I grew up about two hours north of NYC and my town is like many others in upstate NY - struggling economically in the post-industrial era. While it has made progress more recently in terms of economic revitalization, I think many such smaller cities/communities face a challenge in maintaining and supporting the economic health of many small businesses that in some cases are the foundation of such communities. In the context of Boulder, I think a good example would be the cost of housing/living.

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