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Jennifer Shriver

Another interesting relic in the water system: agricultural water allotments (I forget their accurate legal name but you get the idea) are based on use.

So agricultural users are forced to use all the water they are allotted each year, or they will lose it.

I don't know how much this is enforced, but at best it discourages conservation by agriculture users.

Is your professor Dr. Paul Lander? Great guy who has done so much for water conservation in Boulder and the west.

Cody Janousek

Although I haven't seen the movie and don't know what it's called, there's a dystopian movie about water scarcity and what will happen once we start fighting over water. We're not quite to that point yet, but we've started to see the problem emerge and the presence of a positive feedback loop within the Western water system. I like how you brought up that 80% of our water goes towards enabling 3% of our GDP. Are those farmers supposed to move elsewhere? Are they using the water mostly for crops or for ranching? I think you're right that it's not resilient and I interested to watch the other issues that emerge like you hinted at.

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