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Jennifer Shriver

What is not a systems thinker?
What does it take to be a systems thinker, or to not be a systems thinker?
Puts the whole to be or not to be question in an interesting new context.

Simplistically, I'd say people who are not systems thinkers are:
not willing or interested in looking past next quarters profits
tunnel vision lemmings cheering on their own demise and excited to bring the rest of the planet along with them

I know, I'm having a bad year.

But it's a very interesting question, and if I look at it systematically, non-systems thinkers
can't switch perspective
only see one system
don't see the parts that make the whole
question the value of systems thinking
if they were like the kindergartners who were challenged to name more parts of the bus, they would say why bother it's a bus
they perceive the utility of the system as the only value and don't recognize the necessity of all the parts that comprise the system

this question puts bob marleys famous quote in new context too:
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
None but ourselves can free our minds.

Non systems thinkers (unsystematic thinkers?) choose not to free their minds.

they may also be racist sexist bigots like bill oreilly a shame to his irish nationality who are about to get kicked off fox news

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