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Cody Janousek

Your post touched on several interesting thoughts, and I wanted to address some of them. It's not that there isn't metacognition happening in public schools, which I realize wasn't what you were claiming, but there's simply a huge amount of work already on a teacher's plate. Maybe it was just because I was a 1st or 2nd year teacher, but it seems like answering parent emails and grading could be two separate full time jobs. Also, students could be doing it and not vocalize it as metacognition to have the teacher positively reinforce their thinking. There's also educational research out there showing that once class sizes get over 16 students, achievement drops exponentially.

You bring up a valid point though about quarter and mid-life crisis, too. Looking at the demographics of the people within the Masters of the Environment program, a large percentage enrolled as a part of a linear path to their desired career; however, there's an overwhelming portion that are enrolled because they realized their jobs in finance, architecture, or education wasn't where they wanted to be and wanted to make a pivot. Having an education system addressing the entirety of who you are (mind, body, soul) would solve this, but I think what you were getting at is a deeper lack of what our society values too. There are people out there that can execute the daily functions of their job with incredible skill, but who is to say that isn't as intelligent as an attorney defending their client.

I think I've changed as a systems thinker this semester by including multiple perspectives within my analysis of a system. My approach to understanding them has shifted from trying to be reductionist about it and catalog everything in the system towards trying to understand the simple rules driving the system.

Harsha Maragh

I agree whole-heartedly that systems thinking or at least thinking on a more interdisciplinary level should be introduced into the education system at an earlier age. I know that I would have personally benefitted from learning this type of material earlier on. Also, introducing systems learning to kids in elementary school and continuing throughout college might help to create systems thinkers that can better understand wicked problems.

I think that I have learned to analyze systems by taking into account different perspectives-- similar to Cody.

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