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That section of the reading struck me as well. I’m sure that defining the opposing side of an issue or political spectrum as “not-A” is contributing somewhat to our current polarization. To answer your question, I think environmentalists are probably most often rebranded as anti-economic growth or anti-jobs. I’m guessing that sentiment would come primarily from people who perceive their industry is being hurt or encumbered by environmental regulations (e.g. coal mining, fracking, timber harvest). When I think about how we rebrand our opponents, the first thing that comes to mind is anti-science. I feel like this rebranding results largely from our climate-denying politicians, and we extend it to the people who support them. Another potential rebranding of our opponents who may oppose certain industry regulations or restrictions might be that they are anti-environment. Hopefully, if we can recognize our tendency to assume that those who disagree with us are our opposites, we recognize the short-sightedness of these assumptions and attempt to gain a better understanding of their perspective.

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