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Jennifer Shriver

Sam, great points. The externalized costs, if accounted for, would put so many industries out of business.
Would that be a good thing?
Maybe only the businesses that are using "seventh generation" philosophy would survive.
Those businesses that think about the all their choices and impacts, and how those will affect people, ecosystems, animals, the environment for seven generations!
That's your grandchildren's grandchildren's kids. A hard thing to even hold in mind.
And the seven generation philosophy can include considering the lives of our great-great-great-grandparents (if I'm counting right).

That philosophy, like the Long Now project, seems so missing. Externalized costs -- the people who will be affected through generations and years of time out in the misty future.

If we're not thinking about it, it will be always misty.

Cody Janousek

Golden Hoof farms is a great example of corn growing at its finest. Not only do they use hierloom seeds that are less intensive upon the environment, they don't use monocrops as you mentioned. Having grown up in Kansas, I can tell you a bit about corn fields. They're creepy. Not a single insect is in sight most of the time and towards the end of the summer the stalks grow upward of 7 or 8 feet. We should think of the systems that are reinforcing the planting of corn for a second, though.

Livestock use a tremendous amount of corn, however, an increasing amount of corn goes to the production of corn ethanol. Certain legislation promoting the use of ethanol as a "cleaner fuel source" has enabled the corn ethanol lobby to form a coalition that has a great deal to lose from corn not being easily produced. Meanwhile, for every gallon of ethanol produced from corn there are several hundreds of gallons of water needed to grow the corn for that ethanol. The trade-offs here don't consider the environment.

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