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Harsha Maragh

I really enjoyed reading your post, especially your real-world application to your capstone. I think that the only way that we can enact change in regard to climate change (while appealing to the largest section of the population) is to appeal to emotion. I like idea that you have right now about showing athletes in their favorite places. This will not only appeal to those who admire those athletes, but to those who value those special places as well.
To somewhat answer your question---a social campaign that I ran as an intern with the Human Impacts Institute (a small environmental non-profit in Brooklyn, NY) was about personal climate action. I went around Williamsburg, where the office was located, to ask random people what their climate action is. (*Little side note, the people of Williamsburg are very similar to those in Boulder, although less outdoorsy). I asked each person to write down their climate action on a template, that I had created with my fellow intern, and then hold it up for a photo that would be displayed on our organization’s social media platforms to raise awareness of climate issues. I received a range of answers from reusing cups, to being a vegetarian, to shopping at thrift stores. I really enjoyed getting to engage with people in the community, as well as learning different definitions of the term “climate action.”

Harsha Maragh

I can send you some of the pictures if you would like to see them!


I like how you tied our readings to your capstone project. Your project has chosen such an interesting forum for the climate change discussion. The Olympics seems like an opportunity to tap into peoples’ “team spirit” on a national scale, and make climate action a matter of national pride (perhaps borrowing some concepts from the Green Sports Alliance). It’s particularly interesting that you are working with skiing/snowboarding type, since this is a popular sport in the US and we really need dialogue around climate change in this country!

Something I’m curious about is the extent to which your campaign is going to try to create a vision for change. I think things like posting Instagram photos or personal stories can go a long way towards making climate change something that is real and palpable for people (which research shows is something we need*), but they don’t give people a clear path forward or end goal to work towards. It sounds like your figuring out action steps to give people, but I am wondering if you are also considering a vision to work towards, per Hunter Lovins’s call for a global sustainability vision? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


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