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Sam Krasnobrod

Collapse will lead to change. Or, put another way, the change in the system will be the collapse of the status quo. Every other species on earth will experience a period of boom followed by a bust; however, humans have not felt a bust on the species level. Even the economic depressions that occur every couple of decades have not changed the way humans live. To further beat a dead horse... I'd argue that for a species to truly adapt to a problem, the problem has to be as big as the species. Since the human race has spread across the planet, the whole planet would have to change dramatically for humans, as a species, for the system to collapse and need to be rebuilt.

Alec Brazeau

I think Sam really hit the nail on the head when he said collapse will lead to change. However, I wonder if it could go the other way as well? Would a systemic change of the size that Hunter Lovins is calling for cause the system to collapse? I know her Regenerative Economy concept is an attempt to change the system and avoid collapse, however, I fear that changing the entire economic system in the way she wants to could also lead to collapse. Of course, rebuilding after that collapse will allow us to achieve our end goal. What I am getting at is this: would changing the system in the way Hunter Lovins desires lead to a systemic collapse?

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